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 Audition for the Decentralized Radio Organization (DRO) for Station Rotation Consideration

How it Works

Submit Your Song

Artists from all over the world send us their music for what we call 'Station Rotation Consideration' on What's Next Radio.

Get Discovered

We upload new submissions into our player we call 'The Queue' where the music is discovered by our listeners.

Earn Your Spot

The DRO, our community of music lovers and tastemakers, vote for the songs they want to hear played on the station with a tap ❤️.

Be Heard

Songs with the most votes at the end of each submission period are added to the rotation and featured on our distributed playlists.

Multiply Your Streams

What’s Next Radio is powered by Stationhead technology, which allows the music to be streamed directly from each listeners Spotify Premium or Apple Music account.

What does that mean for artists!?!

That means if your song is selected to be played on What’s Next Radio, it counts as a premium stream and is multiplied by the number of simultaneous listeners!

That means if your song is selected to be played on What’s Next Radio, it counts as a premium stream and is multiplied by the number of simultaneous listeners!

1,000 listeners = 1,000 streams!!!

The Queue



Click the heart ❤️ icon next to the song(s) below
to cast your vote for Station Rotation Consideration. 

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The Decentralized Radio Organization (DRO) is our listening community dedicated to the curation of the music played on our station. They are self-proclaimed music tastemakers and connoisseurs who want to help influence the sonic vibes of WNR.

The Queue is our exclusive music discovery platform where artist submissions are auditioned for Station Rotation Consideration. DRO members listen and vote for songs they want to hear played on the station, and the top voted songs are added to the rotation.

What's Next Radio is powered by Stationhead, which means that each song we play on the station generates an individual stream, which is then multiplied by the number of active listeners. This means that if there's 1,000 listeners when you're song plays, you will earn 1,000 streams instantly!

Aside from multiplying your stream potential, you gain exposure to a whole new audience and the ability to make deeper connections with engaged fans. Also,  songs that are added to the Station Rotation are added to our WNR Playlists on Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Algorithms are cool, but there’s nothing like real people! Our DRO community is passionate about organic music discovery – and we show love to music based on creativity, quality and our own personal taste. As a result, you will discover high quality, human-curated music that you may never hear anywhere else.

That’s the best part…it’s free forever! There will never be a charge to upload or listen, but both artists and listeners can benefit from the multiplied streaming revenue just by listening using Stream Tokens (coming soon). 

What's Next Radio runs off of the passion to forge a user-centric music discovery tool while generating meaningful revenue for artists who deserve it! We pay the bills by the support from our community via our membership plans and relationships with our corporate sponsors.

Our definition is when a group of like-minded individuals contribute in crafting a tool, product or service that is beneficial for all who use it. Our DRO community is the heart of our  curation process, and as the community grows, the music voted into rotation will continuously shape the sound of the station. Our team will concurrently remove preselected music as we add the community curated music, with the end goal being a 100% community curated online radio station.