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 Audition for the Decentralized Radio Organization (DRO) for Station Rotation Consideration



How it Works


Artists from all over the world upload their songs for what we call Station Rotation Consideration (SRC) on What's Next Radio.

The Queue

Each week, we upload the newly submitted songs into The Queue to be heard by What's Next Radio listeners.

Earn Your Spot

Our community of music lovers, loyal fans and tastemakers (The DRO) listen and show love ❤️ to songs they want to hear on the station, or not.

Be Heard

The songs with the most love at the end of the week will be featured on our distributed playlist and added to the station rotation.

The Queue



Click the heart ❤️ icon next to the song(s) below 
to show your love for Station Rotation Consideration. 

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The Decentralized Radio Organization (DRO) is the first DAO dedicated to the curation of an online radio station. They are self-proclaimed music tastemakers who want to help influence the sonic vibes of WNR.

The Queue is where music is auditioned for Station Rotation Consideration (SRC). DRO members show love for songs they want to hear on WNR, and the top 10 songs are added to the rotation and featured on the What's Next Radio Show. 

Aside from multiplying your stream potential, you gain exposure to a new audience and increase the ability to make deeper connections with new fans. Also, we distribute the What's Next Radio Show to all major podcast outlets, and songs that are added to the Station Rotation are also added to our WNR Playlists on Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Algorithms are cool, but there’s nothing like real people! The DRO community is passionate about organic music discovery – and we show love based on creativity, quality and personal taste. As a result, you may find music that you would never hear anywhere else.

Yes! Our station is powered by Stationhead, which means that each song we play generates a stream, which is multiplied by the number of active listeners (ex. 1000 listeners = 1000 streams for the artist)!

That’s the best part…it’s free! There will never be any charge to artists or listeners, but they can both earn revenue just by listening using Stream Tokens (coming soon).